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Factory meets Herzschlag

Buzz Kull – darkwave –
Hante. – Synthwave –
Box and the twins – Darkpop –


Factory meets Herzschlag /w

Factory DJs
Hanzel (Herzschlag)
Jaakko (Herzschlag)

Wave, Gothic, Synthpop, 80s, Coldwave


Marc Dwyer’s output as Buzz Kull is a mass of jagged synth lines and pounding drum machines, a testament to his personal sonic exploration over time. Dwyer’s music transcends the traditional archetype of Darkwave by pushing pop sensibilities, focusing on different emotional states and boundaries.

Having only released a swathe of singles over the past five years, as well as the eponymous Buzz Kull 7″ on Fabrika Records, Dwyer has remained an elusive but omnipresent figurehead of darker electronics
within Sydney.

His new album ‚New Kind Of Cross’ will be out in October 2018 on Avant! Records.


Hante. is a one woman project from Paris. Behind the synths, Hélène de Thoury is escaping the reality and facing her fears. Through her cold, synthetic and melancholic music, she reveals herself and offers deep emotions, mixing haunting darkwave and striking electronics.


Cologne-based band Box and the Twins oscillates between a dark dream pop and wave; between guitar melodies steeped in melancholia and sombre electronic soundscapes. Above everything, Box’s disturbingly tantalising voice hovers, always guiding the way into the light. Through their songs, singer Box and her partner Mike conjure surreal worlds – sinister, yet soothing. Even though – or precisely because – a continuous unfulfillable desire and an awareness of the vanity of all things is the source of their creative process, the band’s music is gloomy but not without hope.

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Sa. 24.11.2018  20:30 Uhr 21:30 Uhr VVK 12€
AK 14€
AfterShow Party 5€


Angst-Pop & Factory präsentieren
100% Vinyl
Italo Disco, Electro, New Beat, 80’s Pop

M. König (angst-pop)
Ragnar (the 7″ man)

Datum Einlass Beginn Eintritt
Fr. 30.11.2018  23:00 Uhr 23:00Uhr 6€