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RESISTANCE! Berlin´s Post-Punk and Wave night!

RESISTANCE! Berlin´s Post-Punk and Wave night!

RESISTANCE! Berlin Post-Punk and Wave Night want to celebrate one of the greatest Post-Punk Acts of all time, the Sound!
Their unique Sound and timeless hits, were inspiring countless artists over the decades, this time we want to share the expirience to hear this songs live, as we wont get the chance to ever see the original band live, we are wellcoming italians probably best the Sound Tribute band.
Total Recall. (The Sound tribute It)
Also after the concert, we want to dedicate the night to the 80s Post-Punk sound of the Sound, Chameleons, The Cure, Joy Division and Siouxsie.

Live: Total Recall (The Sound Tribute Italy)

Aftershow: Resistance!

Post-Punk, Cold Wave, Dark Synth, Shoegaze, Indie.

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 12.07.24   21:00   22:30 / 23:30 12 € / 8 €